Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween

Bom dia!!

Wow you all had a crazy week! I cant believe that it already snowed there. Its getting so hot here. Today is crazy hot and I am sweating like a sinner at church. Funny thing is that everyone at church is a sinner....

This week was crazy. It rained and rained and rained all week. We have to do 140 contacts in the street per week and the rain always messes that up. Well, we got to Saturday and we had only done 16. We thought we were gonners. We did about 40 Saturday and were left with 80 to do on Sunday. Sundays are the hardest because there is usually no one in the streets. Plus i needed to do an interview in a different area about an hour away. well, all we could do was pray and leave it up to the Lord. So we asked for a miracle and we got one. We went out after church and just tried to talk to everyone that we could. We were pretty much running around. It got about to the time when we needed to leave for the interview and we werent even close to being done. Then I just got the feeling that we needed to call the other missionaries. So we did and the interview was cancelled and they forgot to tell us! Good thing we called. So that was our miracle. We were able to finish our contacts yesterday. It was pretty cool.

We found out yesterday that the sisters area in my district is closing. They both got transferred this morning. Its so sad when the members dont want to help the missionaries. Please help the missionaries at home as much as you can. We cant do this work without the members.

I got your conference package this week! haha it was a little late but me and Elder Poe still enjoyed the Skittles! Ps. I would love a bag of skittles for Christmas. I forgot how much I love those.

We are working a lot to help Johns sister to be baptized this coming week. She has a date marked for Sunday and we are pretty confident that she will be baptized on the 4th. The same day that I was baptized 12 years ago! I am so excited for her. Please remember her in your prayers.

We taught this man about the Word of Wisdom this week and it was very interesting. We taught him about the 5 things that we cant use (cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, drugs, and black tea) and he said, Oh I use all of those. ALL OF THEM. He smokes marajuana everyday and also a pack of cigarettes. I just want to say that I am so grateful that I never got involved with any of those things. I am so grateful for parents who have protected me from those nasty things. Thank you so much. But I also want to say that I know that if someone is using them that they can stop. With faith and Gods help, anyone can stop. There is always hope.

Well, I love being a missionary. I love when people drive down the street and yell, Elder! Its the best. They know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and so do I. I love you all and I hope that you know that I know that this is the only true church on the earth. Jesus is the Christ. He loves us so much. THats why he died for us. I love Him.

Scott, youre the man. I love you bud. Keep bearing your testimony and helping everyone around you.

I love you all!

Elder Trevor Taylor

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