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Bom Dia! April 29, 2013

Bom dia meus amados!                        April 29, 2013

What a great day that I am having today! We have a really rich guy in our ward. Like one of the richest in Curitiba. And he took us to one of the fanciest restaurants in Curitiba for lunch today! Lets just say that I wont eat until tomorrows lunch haha
I loved what you guys told me about Scotty and the baseball team. Everyone loves Scott. Hes the man. I look up to him so much. I know that he will be an awesome missionary. Scott, keep being the kid you are. You dont need to be a starter on the baseball team to be happy. Youre one of the happiest people that I know and it rubs off on people. Just keep doing what you do and the Lord will bless you. I love you man.

This week I had one of the best days of my life. We got to go to the temple on Thursday to see Oswaldo and Marina be sealed for time and all eternity. We spent the whole day at the temple with them and then that night they went through and took out their endowments and then were sealed right after. It was so cool to be able to be with them through it all. When Oswaldo saw me in the Celestial room he started crying and thanked me and said, ´Você é um homem bendito´ which means, You are a blessed man. It was so great. I love that man with all my heart. When they went to be sealed, the sealer told them to sit on a couch together and choose someone to sit on the other side of them just to be there. Marina chose this lady from Ahú and then it was Oswaldos turn. I thought that he would choose the Bishop and so did the Bishop because he started to walk over there but then Oswaldo turned and looked at me and said, I want Elder Taylor. I felt so happy. I really feel like I made a difference in his life. I love him so much and it was so good to see them in temple white. Thats what this work is all about. Not just baptizing and leaving them on their own but getting them to the temple. They are so great and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father placed me in their lives. When we were in the temple waiting, we were told that about 70 americans were at the temple. They had served in Brazil about 40 years ago and came back to visit the temple. So we were standing there and this man started to talk to us in English. He said he was from Kaysville and I almost wet myself. I only remember his last name: Jensen. But he was way nice and I am so glad that he really called dad. That was a really cool experience.

We had transfers today and Elder Eddington and I will stay together another transfer! Woooooo! I am so happy for that. We work well together and we are going to see even more miracles. The truth is, we are having a hard time finding people to teach. But we are doing a lot of praying and fasting and we know that the Lord will bless us. We taught a guy from Nebraska this week and he told us that he doesnt want to hear about religion but if we want to go over and `take our ties off, eat some pizza and talk about football´ then we are more than welcome back to his house. Its so funny how I have changed so much. I would have taken that anyday. But I know why I am here and thats what I told him. I told him that we only have 2 years to do this work and we need to visit the people who are willing to hear our message. He didnt like that very much and made us leave. But thats ok becuase I know that the Lord is preparing others for us to find. By the way, his name is Scott hahaha

Its almost Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!! I dont know exactly what time I will call but I will let you know next week. For sure it will be in the after noon and I will use Skype. I cant use anything other than Skype so tell Syd that shes just gonna have to wait to see my beautiful face till I get home. :)

We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was actually a transmission from the good ol´ USA. Elder Richard G. Scott spoke and it was really good. He spoke on prayer. He said one thing that really caught my attention. He said that reverent prayers and more powerful than silent prayers. We should pray out loud. It helps us to focus more and to actually talk like we are talking to our father. Its amazing how different it really is. I did it last night and I actually felt like I was talking to Heavenly Father in that very room. I dont know how to describe it but it really works. Heavenly Father hears us and He loves us. I know that.

I love you all so much and I am so blessed to have the family that I do. I know that I am in the right place and that this is the best mission is the world. I know that Jesus loves me and each one of you.
Love, Elder Big T

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