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Ps. I can see Scott at the end of my mission! You just need to write to scotts mission president and ask permission from him when the time gets a little closer!

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Bom dia!

Wow. 24 years. You guys are old. But, I am so glad that you two got married in the temple 24 years ago. I am so thankful that we can have an eternal family. Thank you so much for your example and for the love that you two have for each other. You have shown me exactly what I want when i grow up :) HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!

This week was pretty crazy. We did two divisions and I left the area for one of them. I was able to do an interview with a lady named Vanessa. She has been going to church for the last 10 years and never wanted to be baptized. Now she wants to be baptized but cant yet because she needs to get married first. She has a way strong testimony and the whole time she just kept saying that she cant wait for her kids to be missionaries. She thanked me for being such a good example and she said that she really liked me haha. At the end I bore my testimony to her about missionary work and how her family will be so blessed for having missionaries in the field. She asked how I knew that and I told her about Syd and Scott and me and she felt so bad for mom that she started crying! I told her that my family is receiving the blessings and that its worth it. I just want you all to know that I know that this is the work of the Lord. Mom, dont get sad because your kids are out of the house. We are out here serving the Lord. We are doing exactly what you taught us to do.

We also had our LAST interviews with President Cordon before he leaves. That was weird. Im going to miss him and Sister Cordon so much. Usually he talks to me about how the work is going and how we can do better but this time he just talked about things after the mission like marriage and college. He said that I need to tell him when my homecoming is so that he can come. I love that man. I know that he was called by God to be our mission president. He told me that I need to focus on the mission but that there are some things that I need to start thinking about right now for after the mission. It made me realize how close I really am to finishing my mission. I left and just started to cry. I love the mission.

We were able to speak in church yesterday! We had 35 minutes for me, Elder Eddington and another lady to speak. The lady went first and used 20 minutes, then Elder Eddington used 12 minutes. So I was left with 3 minutes. Just enough time to get up and bear my testimony haha. i dont think I have ever been so mad about not being able to speak in church! But its ok and I learned a lot while I was preparing my talk. Maybe that was the purpose. We also sang Dear to the Heart of the Shephard in a trio and it went really well. I think my voice has gotten higher because they had me sing the melody and I hit notes that I was never able to hit before haha

We will have the mission counsel this week. President Cordons last. I think it will be a little different and I am excited to see what happens. Its the last one before the mission splits too!! Crazy times here in Curitiba.

Well, I love you all and I am so grateful for all the love that you show for me. I love being a missionary and I know that we all can be missionaries. Even if we dont have a name tag. Just be an example of the believers. 

I love you!

Love,√Člder Trevor Taylor

Huge oranges....awkward!  But they were sooo good!

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