Monday, January 21, 2013

Bom dia!

I am so glad to hear that mom was so spoiled on her birthday! She deserves it. Shes the best. I love you mom.

I havent gotten any Christmas packages yet but they should be getting here shortly.

This week was quite eventful. Syd and I have been out for one whole year! Thats so weird to me. I was walking with my companion on Wednesday and I thought to myself, I have been wearing these same clothes every day for the past year haha It was pretty funny. I am so gratful for the past year and for the next year to come. I have learned so much and I love being a missionary.

On tuesday I got to be an assistant for a day! We did a division with the assistants and I got to go to their area and work there. It was good and I learned a lot. We got to go buy a few things for President Cordon. Assistants have a lot of things to do haha but it was really good. Tuesday and Saturday we had our CHristmas performances. It was so good. I dont know if you have heard of The Brighams but they are a band here in Curitiba and their lead singer is in our ward! They performed with us and it was really good. Saturday was at the temple and there were tons of people. I saw a lot of people from my other areas and I got to talk with them for a while. I love the people that I have met and the ones that I have helped here.

So I still dont know what time I will call on Christmas but I know that I will use Skype and that the call will be in the afternoon for me. Its a 5 hour difference here so it might still be morning for you. I dont know if I will be able to email you on the 24th so just be ready to answer the call at any moment on Christmas so that you can see my beautiful face :) I AM SO EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I received my first gift of Christmas. We ate lunch with a family and they gave us both a big box of chocolates. I was so happy haha well, we then got a call that one of the ward members needed us to go to the hospital to give a blessing to a girl who was going into surgery. We had already been there once before this week so we ran and gave her a blessing. This girl is handicap and the last time we went she was really angry. THis time she was laughing and smiling. It was so fun. The whole time that we were there I had the strongest feeling that I needed to give her my box of chocolates. I tried to fight off the feeling haha but it wouldnt leave. So right before we left I gave it to her and told her Merry CHristmas. SHe was so happy and then I saw here mom crying. SHe said that she didnt have enough money to buy her daughter anything for Christmas and she thought that she wouldnt get any presents. I cried with her and she thanked me so many times. I now know that giving is so much better than receiving. I was so happy to get the candy but soooooo much happier to see the girls mom crying when I gave it to her. THats what Christmas is all about.

I love you all and I cant wait to see all of you on CHristmas!!!!!!!!

Elder Big T

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