Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy New Year! Feliz ano novo!

December 31, 2012
Happy new year! Feliz ano novo!

First I just want to say that it was soooooo good to talk to all of you and see all of your happy faces. I love you all so much and you all mean so much to me. Sorry I got my cry face on so much. I just cant tell you how much I love all of you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Sorry I got you all so worried about my foot. It is feeling a lot better now. I still have a little pain in my ankle but its a lot better than it was last week. Thank you so much for your prayers. I know that they are being answered.

This week was good and we did a lot of teaching and contacting people. We had more sucess with finding new people to teach and finally someone accepted a baptismal date!
Actually two people! We should have a baptism this Sunday. His name is Saulo and he actually lives in my last area haha but he works in our apartment building and he is here every weekend. We have been teaching him for a while and finally accepted a baptismal date for this Sunday!

We were teaching one lesson this week and we were sitting outside under a tree because it was too hot to stay in their house. Well, we were just about done with the lesson and I felt a big SPLAT on the collar of my shirt. I thought it was just water so I tried to brush it off but when I looked at my hand I saw that it was bird poop! I wanted to run in the house and wash it off but we kept teaching and finished the lesson. It was really cool because we were teaching this married couple and the lady saw what happened. The cool part was that at the end of the lesson she said, Wow. This lesson must mean a lot to you that you waited until the end to clean yourself off. I was able to bear my testimony and tell her just how much this gospel really means to me. Who thought that getting pooped on could be so spiritual?!

Dad, Elder Joás loves you. He said that I talk about you all the time haha and its true. Dad you are my hero. I am so lucky and proud to have a dad like you. We were talking with the Bishop this week at the church and a lady came up and got mad at him. When she left he looked at us and said that the most hated man in the ward is the bishop haha I thought about that for a while and I dont remember hearing anyone say anything bad about you. I am so grateful for your example and the love that you have for everyone. I really do want to grow up to be just like my dad.

Mom, I love you and you look amazing. You dont look like you have aged at all. There is this lady that we are teaching that is pregnant and I always thought that she was at least 50. Well, I found out that she is 43 this week haha mom and dad you both look very young and I love you both so much.

I am so excited for 2013! Can you believe that tomorrow I will be able to say, Im going home this year.? Crazy huh. Time is flying. I hope you have a happy new year full of peace and joy. I love you all so much. One thing that I want to do this next year is to develop more patience. i think I spelled that wrong but I still want more of it haha I just want to tell Scott that I am so sorry for all of the times that I got mad at him or yelled at him. Scott I love you and I know that you will be an amazing missionary. I know that everyone will love you because they already do. I know that this is the Lords work and that you will be a great instrument in the Lords hands.

I love you!

Elder Big T.

Nativity scene at the Curitiba temple

                                             Narrating Christmas play and Christmas conference!

Everything has my name on it.  Trevo in portuguese means four leaf clover. 
So, my name pretty much means good luck!!

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