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January 7, 2013

Bom dia!

Well, Im not sure what happened but I didnt get an email from you this week. I hope everything is going well. I got three of Syds and maybe you meant to send it with them. Who knows. But i hope you are all doing well and had a Happy New Year!!

This week was amazing. Want to know why? We had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! Saulo was finally baptized and it was so so so good. He was so happy and he kept telling us that he was sorry that he didnt get baptized earlier haha but the baptismal service was very good and I got to sing a solo of I Know That My Redeemer Lives in English and Portuguese. It went really well and Saulo loved it. I love that song. Its one of the only hymns that I like to sing powerfully haha

We had transfers today and Elder Joás and I will stay together for at least 6 more weeks! Our zone didnt change very much. But both of our district leaders were transferred so we will have to see what happens there. Im excited to stay here and to keep working with Elder Joás. He is great and the area is getting better. We are finding new people and marking baptismal dates. The only problem is that the members dont want to help us out. Its hard to help a ward that doesnt want the help. But we will change their attitudes about that.

My foot is doing a lot better. But now Elder Joás is the one with foot problems. We usually wake up a little earlier than usuall to go play basketball at the church and on Saturday he rolled his ankle really bad and is now on crutches. We still need to go to the doctor to see what happened. Its not broken but its pretty swollen. He has a hard time getting around so we are walking really slowly now haha but he will get better soon and be back to 100%

We have a member in our ward that has a very bad disease and he is dying. The doctors told him that he has less than a year left to live. He is amazing and loves the missionaries. His whole family abandoned him a few years ago because of the disease and he lives alone. We bought a cake and visited him this week and he said that one thing that he would love to eat is beef jerkey. Dad if you could send some to me to give to him I think it would make his life. I love him and I just want to see him happy.

So, Im about to cry about this one but can you all tell Lincoln good luck for me and that I love him so much. I forgot what day that he leaves but I know that its coming up soon. Please tell him that he will be a great missionary and that he is going to change so many peoples lives. I know that the people of Missouri are going to love him. The mission is one of the greatest times and I am so glad to see that he will be out here. Give him a huge hug for me!

Well, I love you all and I hope that you are all enjoying the snow!

Elder Big T

                                                           Saulo's Baptism!  Awesome!

                           I love pasta salad!  But, it wasn't as good as mom's.  I can't wait to eat that!

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