Friday, April 13, 2012

Bom dia! March 26, 2012

Mom, first thing. No i have not gotten any packages or letters from missionties. I am not sure why because one of the other elders that i used to live with is getting his missionties letters. I hope everything gets here safe and sound. and i cant wait to get syds emails. I havent gotten anything from you guys. Only from Nat and some other missionaries. But thanks for sending them :)

Well, this week was pretty crazy. We had a training for the new missionaries and after, President Cordon told us that we had to move into our new house that night! He said, ´You two are eagle scouts. So go. It will be like camping.´ Its crazy because we have a fridge and mattresses. Thats it. It was a pretty crazy beggining to the week. But now we have a shower head and a washing machine and a clothes rack so its getting a lot better.

I am glad to hear that Scott is out and playing now. I prayed a lot that he would be able to heal up quick and enjoy playing the greatest sport on earth. Man i miss those days. Hailey, good luck with your talent show! You really do have a talent with singing so go show everyone what youre made of! Abbey, have fun with your last few months of elementary school! Youre going to be a little sevie soon! You didnt say anything about Annie in the email but tell her that i love her and that i love getting her pictures!

Yes we get to watch general conference. In english! I am so excited. I just pray that we have a lot of investigators that come so that they can see for themselves that God really has called prophets in these latter-days.

Scott i hope you get called to Brazil so that we can speak Portuguese to each other and no one else will know what we are saying! But even if you do get called to Arizona just remember that this is the Lords work and that there are people who need to hear your testimony and feel your spirit. I love being a missionary and I cant wait for you to have this opportunity too. STUDY preach my gospel. Learn how to teach the lessons before you even leave. Thats my advice to you. Oh and eat rice. Its so good. I look forward to lunch every day because i think i have fallen in love with rice.

This week was really good. Oswaldo and Marina were confirmed and Oswaldo received the Aaronic Priesthood. We also found a lot of new investigators. One of them is named Eric and he lived in Canada for 6 months in the house of a Bishop. So when he came home he took his mom to church and they had a great experience there. We were able to teach them this week and mark a baptismal date with Eric. The only bad thing was that they werent able to come to sacrament meeting. But we will meet with them again this week and walk with them to watch general conference. We were also able to bring two less-active families back to church this week. It was really good to see how they were so much more happy while they were there. We will have a family night with one of them tonight. They have a daughter who just turned 9 so now it is our responsibility to teach her the lessons. She reminds me so much of Hailey its crazy. Every time i see her i think about Haileys baptism and how happy she was on that day. I want that so bad for this girl. Her name is Jasmine and we are excited to be able to start teaching her. We are praying that this will help the whole family to return and be strong in the church.

I took out 60 reais from my debit card to buy these sweet scripture covers. I will get them at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Totally worth it. I will send you a picture when i get them.

Well i hope you all have an awesome week and enjoy conference. I am giddy with excitement. Seriously. I love you all so much. Please keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying as a family. This world needs a lot more families like you. Mom, good luck and have fun with primary. You should be proud of the children that you have raised. We have an awesome family. Dad, keep on chuggin along old man. Haha just kidding. I love you so much. I think one reason that i love Oswaldo so much is because he reminds me of you. We went to their house the other night and he was wearing sandals and socks with jeans and his t-shirt tucked in. It was you in 25 years. I loved it. I love you Dad.

I love you all so much!
Love Elder Taylor

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