Monday, April 23, 2012

Bom dia April 16, 2012

Hello Family,            April 16, 2012
I am sorry to hear that the internet wasnt working but I got your
emails! Scott...I have nothing to say. What a life you have. I hope
you had an awesome time at Prom! I was kind of sad to hear that you
didnt keep the Taylor/Gibbs tradition going but oh well. It was good
while it lasted ;) oh and good work with Northridge. Keep up the butt
kicking. I cant email coach Leo because we can only email family. Can
you get his home address for me? I will send him a letter.
Well, we hit the 4 month mark this week. Crazy. I cant believe its
already been 4 months. It seems like it is just flying by. Syd is
almost 1/4 of the way done with her mission. This time doesnt last
forever so I am definately going to make the most of my time here.
Mom, on thursday we had tacos on a plate. No joke. I wanted to take a
picture to send to you but I didnt have my camera with me. But yes, It
was so good. Not as good as yours of course but they were good :)
Dad, I am sad to tell you that I saw a Rav 4 this week and a woman was
driving. Its a womans car no matter what country you are in haha i
love you! Oh and I was reading the March Liahona this morning and I
saw the Stevenson family on page 13! It was cool to see a family from
our ward even though I am all the way down here in Brazil!
Grandma thank you for your email. Thank you for raising an amazing
family and for your example. I love you so much.
We had a pretty good week this week. The numbers dont show it but this
week was very successful. We had 4 investigators in Sacrament Meeting
which is the most that we have had since I have been here. We are also
working much better with the ward and we have a few family nights
already marked with investigators. One of our investigators, Tiago,
has a baptismal date marked for the 29th of April and he really
enjoyed church yesterday. We will be working really hard with him to
have him prepared for his baptism. We also had an amazing lesson with
a family this week. We made a contact with the mom in the street a
couple of weeks ago but we havent been able to teach them until now.
It is a family of three and we taught them about the restoration and
at the end of the lesson the son said to us, I dont know what it is
but I just feel like what you are saying is the truth. The Spirit was
so strong and we explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost that was
giving him these feelings. The mom almost started crying and they all
have baptismal dates marked for the 13th of May! They werent able to
go to church yesterday but they are going this week.
We also had a huge miracle happen yesterday. We have been teaching
this lady named Eliane ever since I got here and she has always wanted
to take things really slow. Her son is a returned missionary and is
the one who was companions with Landon Bybee! Well, yesterday she
couldnt come to church because she has been sick but her son came up
to us and told us that she said she wants to be baptized before Elder
Clift gets transferred which is in a couple weeks! We were so shocked
but so excited to hear that! Please pray that everything goes right so
she can be baptized on April 29th.
I hope you all have a great week and I love you so much. This church
is true. I know that with all my heart. I love you all so much. Abbey,
Hailey, and Annie, keep it real. I think about you three a lot and all
of our funny quotes from movies. I love you! The church is true-A
Igreja é verdadeira. I am so sorry that I forgot to send that in my
last email. I love you!
Love, Elder Taylor

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