Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So out of shape!!

July 1, 2013

Bom dia!

Wow. I cant believe this day finally got here. Syd is finishing up and everyone is in Europe! Thats crazy. But its still not as good as South America! Its like America, but south ;)

Maria Eduarda was baptized yesterday! She was so excited and there were tons of members at the baptism. She chose me to baptize her and the water was so hot! Its freezing here so I was a little worried that the water would be cold so I let it heat up for a long time. But when we went in it felt like we were cooking! But it was still really good. She was so happy and her mom cried the whole time. We were going to have 2 baptisms but Cesar still isnt ready. He hasnt quite let go of smoking. So we are going to work a lot harder with him and we are planning a ward fast just for him this coming Sunday. I love this area and I never want to leave. The members here are like family to me. We were able to speak in church yesterday and I got to finish my talk on the joy of missionary work. My goal was to make at least a few people cry. I told them about how I love baseball and how happy I was when I played and then I talked about Oswaldo and Marinas baptisms and then their sealing. When I looked up at the ward, I saw that over half of the ward was in tears. I almost laughed haha but the Spirit was so strong and we got a lot of compliments about out talks. This ward is about to catch fire and we are going to start baptizing a lot. 

It rained just about every day this week and me and Elder Ladereche got sick and had to stay at home for two days. Well, two afternoons. This sickness wasnt going to keep us from helping Maria Eduarda to be baptized. We only left at night those two days. But we are doing a lot better. My hand is also doing a lot better and I am just about back to normal. There will probably be a little scarring but a lot less than I thought. 

We had a zone activity today at the church and played dodgeball and basketball and then ate hambergers to celebrate the 4th of July! It was way fun and the sun even came out for an hour to let us really enjoy it. It was great to be with the zone and to just relax for a while and play around with everyone. And I realized one thing. I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE. I played little bit of basketball and I was dying after like 5 minutes. It was so sad. But we still had a great time. Go America!

Well, I hope you enjoy your time in Europe! I bet its so cool there. I hope you know that you are all in my prayers. Give Syd the biggest hug in the world for me. Shes the best. Oh, and if you can, can you buy me a sweet keychain and a baseball while youre there? Thanks.

I love you all so much!

Down that long dirt road!

Soup night at Boa Vista!

Maria Eduarda's baptism!

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