Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Zone Conference

Bom dia!        June 24, 2013

I cant believe that the time has come for Syd to finish her mission! Time has flown by way to fast. Give syd a huge hug for me when you see her and tell her that she is the best. I never got to see her as a missionary or talk to her but I know that she was a great missionary because of her testimony and love of the gospel. She is a huge example to all of us.

This week was crazy! We have a saying in our mission that is ´Fogo nos ossos!´ That means Fire in the bones! Well, this week I really had fire in my bones. Last Monday I decided that we needed to make a cake for our ward mission leader and his family. So we got everything ready and I turned on the stove. Now, our stove is pretty old so when you turn in on you have to turn on the gas and then reach in with a lighter to get the fire going. So I did that and then I left the kitchen. Well, while I was gone the fire went out. But the gas was still going. So I came back and saw it after five mintues and without thinking, reached in with the lighter to light it again. What I forgot was that the whole oven was full of gas and the gas was still on. The minute I lit the flame, a huge ball of fire hit me in the chest and rolled up my face. I thought that I was on fire so I started hitting myself like a mad man. When I realized that I wasnt on fire, I thought that the shirts that were drying behind me were on fire. But they werent. When I realized that the house was ok and that nothing caught fire, thats when I started to feel the pain in my hand and on my face. We ended up having to go to the hospital and I found out that I had second degree burns on my hand and nose. It hurt so bad. But things are healing up now and I am back in action. I do know that the Lord watches over his servants. It was a miracle that I didnt get burnt more or worse than I did. But now I can officially say that I have ´Fogo nos ossos!´

We had our last zone conference with Pres and Sis Cordon this week. It was so good and I am going to miss them so much. I gave Pres Cordon a huge hug at the end and he said, We´ll see you in a few months! They really want to come to my homecoming. I love them and will miss them a ton.

We are going to have 2 baptisms this week! Cesar has now gone 9 days without smoking and he is still going strong. The members are helping him a lot and they are planning everything for his baptism. We also have Maria Eduarda who is a 9 year old daughter of a less active member that we are helping to come back to church! I love baptisms!

I did get to watch the meeting last night. Let me just say that this work is going forward and fast. It was such a good meeting and I loved every minute of it. I sat next to our ward mission leader and he just kept telling me that he has a lot of work to do haha. I love that man. I just wanted to share with you some of the thoughts that I had during the meeting. The Lord has called more servants to the work just like he did in Jacob 5:61 and these servants are being prepared to teach the gospel and bear testimony of the restoration. While these servants are bing prepared to teach, the people that they will teach are also being prepared by angels (Alma 13:24). These angels are the members of the church. I loved that video of the family praying and then all going out and doing missionary work. Can you imagine if every family in the church did that? This work would be so different. Thats the way that this work needs to be. I know that the members have power. They can help so many people. These are perilous times (2 Timothy 3:1-5) and the world needs the message that we have. Only the message of the restoration will save the world. There are so many people doing wrong things. Even the members of the chruch. But we need to be examples of the believers (1 Timothy 4:12) and build our foundation upon the rock of our Redeemer (Helaman 5:12). I know that if we do this we will be a light for the world and people will see that we are different. There is nothing better than feeling the joy of doing missionary work. I know that we have what the world needs. We just need to open our mouths and preach the gospel with vigor and vim (That was for you mom). I love this gospel and I know that we are on the right path. Lets go out there and get our brothers and sisters who have let go of the iron rod and bring them back to the path that leads to eternal life. I know this is the work of God and that He will bless us for doing it. He has given us this great opportunity to help Him in His work. And NOW is the time that we need to do it. (Alma 34:32)

I love you!                  Love, Élder Trevor Taylor

This is my cute little burnt nose and lips.  I only took a picture a few days after it happened because the other ones were really ugly!

After getting home from the hospital...Ouch!

Man I love tacos!!  This was a couple of hours before the oven exploded!

This is my hand this morning.  A week after the incident.  It doesn't show up well on the picture though!

This is us making cake with the great Cesar.  He is going to be baptized this week!  Wooooot!

Last conference with Pres. and Sis. Cordon.  I love them!

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