Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Bom dia!!                                  April 1, 2013

I cant believe that Scotts papers are going in this week. Im freaking out right now. Really. I dont even know what to think. Scotty, youre going to be a great missionary. I know that it will be really hard not to se you for almost 4 years but itll be so worth it. I love this time out here. I have learned so much. This is a sacred time so take advantage! doesnt matter where in the world you get called. The Lord is preparing people for YOU and only YOU will be able to help them. So, be worthy of the Spirit and do everything you can to love everyone. I love you man.

This week was full of miracles. I have a lot to say so I will just get to it. First, we had a baptism! Her name is Irene and her husband was baptized 8 years ago and now she was finally baptized! It was really good and really spiritual. We also are going to have a baptism this week! On April 6th! We were talking this week and I said that it would be so cool to baptize during conference again and then we got a phone call from the sisters. They siad that they were teaching a lady that actually lives in our area. She came to church yesterday and talked to the bishop and she will be baptized this week! We found two families this week. One is Felipe and Debora. Its a mom and a son and the son went to church and loved it so we went to his house last night and taught his mom. It was so good and they have dates for this month. The other family is Marcos, Janete and Gabriel. They are incredible and will definatley be baptized soon. I really hope they are legally married. BUt they also went to church and we will mark dates with them this week. These two families we found last week and we will be finding more this week.

I am so excited for conference! Its the most wonderful time of the year. And on the mission its even better. Last time I remember that I got really sad on Sunday when it was coming to an end. And now its back! Its amazing how fast time is flying. But I love conference and I am so excited to hear the church leaders!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!! I hope you have a great 56th birthday! I know youre getting old but youll always be young to mom. I love you so much. I know I cant do very much for you on your birthday this year but just know that I will be doing something that is very important. Helping others to return and live with God. THats my birthday present to you this year. I love you dad. Thank you so much for always being an example for me.

Youll never beleive who I did a division with this last week. Elder Dallin H. Oaks grandson!! It was so cool. His name is Elder Oaks (duh) and he is in our zone. I will send you a picture of us together as proof. I told him to tell his grandpa hi for me haha

Well, Im happy as a lark and I am loving my new area. The members are amazing and we are seeing miracles. I love this work and I know that this is the true church of Christ. I love you all so much and I hope you can all feel that.

Elder Big T

Oh and dad, that 56 was an APRIL FOOLS!!!!
                                                                  E. Taylor & E. Oaks


Irene's Baptism

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