Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Loved Conference!

Bom dia!                                   April 10, 2013

What a great week! I loved conference! And I have an announcement! We had the zone leader counsel this week and we spent 1 and a half hours talking about the new emailing rule. End of the story is that we now have an hour and a half to email!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!!!! President Cordon didnt want to do it but he did and now I have a little more time to write you all.

This week was great. We had a baptism on the Friday before conference. Her name is Renata and she used to live in Ahú but then got divorced and moved to Boa Vista. Well, all of her kids are baptized and her crazy husband wouldnt let her be baptized. So she ditched him and got dunked! It was really cool. We had to have her baptism on Friday because it was the only day that her mom could come. So we waited for her mom for a while and when I saw her mom i just about cried. Her moms name is Neusa and she lives in Ahú!! She had been baptized a week before I got there and I visited her a lot while I was there. It was so funny to see her there at the baptism. I didnt know that she was Renatas mom until that night! What a small Curitiba world.

We are also going to have a baptism this week! His name is Felipe and hes a 16 year old kid that we talked to in the street. He went to church two weeks ago and he went to conference on Sunday. He lives just with his mom and he has a hard life. But he seems so much more happy now that we have started teaching him. Hes a good kid and even dumped his girlfriend to be baptized haha. He said that she is worthless hahaha I am so excited for him and hopefully his mom will go to his baptism to support him.

I did a division this week just outside of Curitiba and I thought I was going to die. The missionaries live in a house that is infested with spiders. I honestly couldnt get to sleep. I was so scared that I was going to get attacked. There are so many spiders in that house. I dont know how the mission lets them live there but Im glad that its not my area! I guess one of the missionaries got bitten by a brown spider a few months ago and almost died. There are these little brown spiders here that can kill in 24 hours. He got bitten at night on the knee while he was praying and his companion woke up the next morning to see him having a seasure and foaming at the mouth. So.....yeah. Now you know why I couldnt get to sleep. But I made it out of there alive and everything is all good :)

You all know already but conference was amazing. I felt the Spirit so strongly. I know that those men are called of God to lead us in these latter days. The talk that I liked the most was by one of the seventies. I forgot my notes at home but he made this statement, `The Priesthood in the boy is as strong as the Priesthood in the man when excercised in righteousness.´ I loved that one. Its so true. The Priesthood is the same for every man. What matters most is our personal worthiness. I also loved Elder Hollands talk. We just need to have the desire to believe! And......while Elder Oaks was talking, I was sitting right next to his grandson. Yes we are really good friends now. I love that kid!

Well, I hope you all know that I love you so much and that I love being a missionary. On the division this week the missionary that I was with asked me, ´Elder Taylor, do you ever get mad or frustrated?` I laughed and asked him why he asked me that and he said, ´Ive never seen you mad. You always have a smile on your face even when things dont go right.` I told him that we dont have any reason to be mad or sad. We are serving the Lord. We are doing to greatest work on Earth. We get to represent Christ 24/7. How can anyone be sad when they are doing that? I really do love being a missionary. Its hard. It will always be hard. Do you think it was easy for Christ when he was suffering for our sins? No. If it wasnt easy for him then why should it be easy for us? Its hard. But we just gotta keep a smile on our face and `play through the pain.` I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

I love you all and I know that Christ is our Savior.

Elder Big T. 
 `This isnt missionary work, this is missionary fun!`

                                                                  Renata's baptism

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