Monday, April 22, 2013

Trouble in Curitiba!

Bom dia!                       April 15, 2013

I cant believe that Scott is going to get his mission call this week! Thats freakin me out. I would just like you to send me a video of him opening it so that I can feel like I was part of it haha. Now that I have more time to email I will be able to watch it! Scotty, youre the man. One thing that I have learned is that when you get your call, all you read is the very begining and then freak out and scream and cry and forget to read the rest. The first part is important. But the rest is even more important. Its what you are going to be doing for the next two years. And the Lord trusts in you enough to do it well. Youre going to be an awesome missionary and your companions are going to love you. I cant even tell you how sad it makes me to know that I wont be there to see you open your call or send you off but just know that I love you. This is the greatest work on Earth and you are going to learn and grow so much. BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGE. BE NOT AFRAID NEITHER BE THOU DISMAYED. FOR THE LORD THY GOD IS WITH THEE WITHERSOEVER THOU GOEST. I tell myself that scripture everyday. Be strong Scotty. I love you man.

Well, Im not gonna lie. This week was hard. Its funny how when you are doing well and everything is going right, God sends you something that sends you right back down to your knees. Thats what happened this week. More than once. We were supposed to have Felipes baptism this week but we got there to do the interview and he broke the Law of Chastity the night before so he cant be baptized for at least 30 days. And he fought with his mom so now she doesnt even want us to go back to their house. It was so sad and it killed us. We are also teaching a really good family but we werent able to talk to them this week until Friday night and they said that they were for sure going to church but then they didnt show up or answer the phone. We will go back tonight to see what happened. So those were two things that were really hard this week. The third thing was even harder for me. I was on a division with Elder A. Silva when I got a phone call from my companion and he was not happy. I guess that last transfer a few missionaries went to climb this mountain without permission and Pres. Cordon went to the district meeting and chewed them out. Well, when I got here Elder A. Silva called me and asked me if they could go to climb that same mountain. He told me that it was just a small hill in their area and that they were going with their Branch President. So I said yes without even thinking twice and they went. Well, Elder Eddington called me because Elder A. Silvas companion was showing him pictures of their little outing. So he called me and I had to call Pres Cordon to tell him what had happened. He was in zone conference so I talked to the assistants and they said that he would call back later. And he did. And he was not happy. I have already called Pres. Cordon a lot and he has called me a lot and he has never spoken English with me on the phone. But Friday he spoke very clear English so that he could get his point across. He said that the mountain is very dangerous and that I can never give permission for anything like that. He chewed me out for a long time. Its the first time that I have ever heard him talk like that. It was really hard because it was an honest mistake and I didnt know that that would happen but its something that I have to learn from. I felt like I lost his trust and it literally took me to my knees. It was hard but I did learn one thing. Pres and Sister Cordon really do love and care about us. They look out for us and I know that I can trust them. Sometimes we make mistakes and they correct us. Not because they are mean or anything but because they love us and want us to be safe.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon again this week! I know that it is the word of God and that its our proof that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Its the most correct book on earth. I know that.

Well, now you know how my week was. It was hard but we just gotta keep going and do our best. I know this is the work of the Lord and that he is guiding us through this work.

I love you all and I hope you have a great time with Scott opening his call!    Love, Elder Big T.

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