Thursday, March 28, 2013

Transfer to Boa Vista!

Bom dia!                                   March 25, 2013

Well, I thought I was going to stay in Ala 2 with Elder Veiga for one more transfer but we got the call Sunday afternoon that I was going to be transferred! So now I am here in my new area: Boa Vista! I am with Elder Eddington. He is from Spanish Fork and hes hilarious. Im going to love this time here. I havent gone very far from where I was before. I am still in Curitiba and I am just north of Ahú. My last area was just south of Ahú. This is a great area because there is not a single apartment building. I love the country!

Last week was pretty normal. We had to run around getting things done and trying to find people to teach. We found these two Mexican girls and I was so excited to teach them but then I got transferred. We were planning everything and we had all the material to teach them in Spanish. But oh well, the Lord has prepared people in Boa Vista for me. I am still a zone leader and now I have a whole new zone. I am so excited!

It was so hard to say goodbye to Ala 2. It was a hard area but I learned a lot and I grew to love a lot of the people there. The sad thing was that Eduardo and José were both on vacation this week so I couldnt even say goodbye to them. I will write them and tell them that they need to endure to the end! I said goodbye to Bishop Heber last night and he just about cried. He said that when I got to the ward, the spirituality went way up. He said that I need to keep being the great young man that I am. Then came the best part, his wife wrote in my rememberance book and said that the Lord must be preparing a wonderful young woman for me and that we will be awesome parents. Haha it was so funny. But its so true. The Lord is preparing one for me. Her name is FLF. And only she will understand that ;)

I learned this week that we really dont need to know ´everything´ to be a great missionary. We just need the Spirit and a desire to serve with all that we have. The bishop didnt thank me to teaching everything that I know or for having fun activities. He thanked me for bringing more of the Spirit to the area and for helping the people to feel that. The Spirit really is the most important thing in this work.

Well, I love you all so much. I had a dream this last week that Annie got hurt really bad and Elder Veiga said that I was yelling in my sleep. Yep. I love that little goob. And all the rest of you. I know that this really is the work of the Lord. And that this time is flying by. This is probably my second to last area. I cant believe that. But I just gotta keep giving it all that I have and pray that the Lord is happy with my work.

I love you!

Elder Big T

New comp - Elder Eddington!

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