Friday, February 3, 2012

The end of January

Bom dia!!             January 31, 2012

Tell Grandpa that i love him and that i hope he is feeling better now. I am so glad that the surgery went well. He is a strong man so i know that he can handle this.

Thank you for you letters this week. Mom, Nat (2), Abbey, Scott, and the package from the Wisers. Your letters mean a lot to me and they always keep me going. Wisers-the portuguese is going great and i loved hearing about your Christmas. I love you! Scott-your letter made me bawl. I couldnt hold any of it in. I cried like a little baby. Youre the best. I love you bud and i am so glad to hear that your one act went well. Youre a stud.

Tell Jake congrats on his mission call! i didnt even know he put his papers in. When does he leave? He is going to love speaking French. Its actually pretty close to portuguese the pronunciations are just different. He is going to have a great time.

Thank you for praying for Elder Petersen. His back seems to be doing a lot better.

Thank you for syds emails. I wish i could express my feelings the way she does. Her emails make me want to be better each week. Syd-tell Elder Jensen that i love him!

Well this week was really cool. On wednesday Elder Andersen and Elder Ballard came to the CTM and spoke to us. It was incredible when they walked into the room. They had us all come and shake their hands before it started and it was amazing. They really are men of God. I always turn the pages for Elder Petersen in the devotionals while he plays the piano so for most of the devotional i was the closest missionary to the apostles. It was so cool! The one main thing that they focused on was that if we work hard, stay clean, and prepare ourselves than the Lord will be with us and we will be the best missionaries that we can be. Elder Andersen said, We cant be instruments in the Lords hands unless we are pure instruments. That has been my main focus this week. To be as pure as i possibly can. And to tell you the truth i probably felt the spirit more in this one week than i have my whole life. It was incredible.

Our bedroom is on the very top floor of the CTM and this week it rained a lot. So we got a huge crack in our ceiling and it started raining in our room! we are still on the top floor but on the other side of the building. It was pretty crazy. I got some pretty good pictures of it though!

I finished reading Our Search for Happiness this week. Its written by Elder Ballard and its really good. Here is a quote from it, We may not have much money or other things that some people think are so important. But we are the richest people i know. We have blessings that money simply cannot buy. And I have the satisfaction of knowing that the things that are most important to me-my family and my love of God-can endure forever.
                When i read this i started crying. I feel the exact same way that Elder Ballard does. I love you all so much and i feel so blessed to be able to spend forever with you. On page 105 it is talking about the callings of the church and it says that a man can be released from bishop and two weeks later be called as a sunday school teacher. Dad thats you!! It was so funny when i read that!

We also focused this week a lot on teaching people, not just lessons. Here is a quote from Elder Holland, Every quarterback and pointguard must read the other team and run the play that will best take advantage of them. This is what we must do but this is much more important than a football or basketball game.
              This quote hit pretty close to home. I have really learned how to read another team through playing quarterback. Before i read this i had never even thought about how that would help me on a mission. But now i know and i can use that skill of reading people to know what to teach and to help the people learn what they need to come closer to God. It was a really cool experience to learn that this week.

On sunday Me and two other Elders were asked to sing in sacrament meeting. We sang Nearer My God to Thee and it went really well. I dont think i have ever been asked to sing this much in my life. One elder that sang with us left this morning and last night i was talking to him and taking pictures and he told me that i have a really good voice and i need to keep singing. I never realized how singing can touch peoples hearts so much. It really is an amazing thing and i love the feeling of singing spiritual songs.

Well my time is almost up. I love you all so much. I know that this church is true. I know that the apostles are called of God and they are incredible men. I love the Book of Mormon.

Eu amo voces!!             Love, Elder Taylor

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