Monday, August 19, 2013

New Assignment

Bom dia!

Wow. Sorry it has taken me so long to write but you guys will never believe what happened!  Last Monday was transfers and I thought that I was going to stay in Boa Vista.  Well, I got a call and I was transferred!  It was so hard to leave Boa Vista and there were a lot of sad members there.  There was a line at church to take a picture with me before I left!  Well, Monday I went to the transfer meeting and I found out that I was called as the new assistant to Pres. Monteiro!  Yes, you are now talking to the newest assistant in the Brazil Curitiba Mission.  I was shocked but no one else was.  haha.  Everyone else told me that they knew that I would be the next assistant.  I didn't send an email to you last week because we spent the whole day at the airport sending off the missionaries that were finishing their missions.  It was really cool but the best thing that happened was on Tuesday when we got to go back to the airport and get the noobies from the MTC.  It was so fun to see how nervous/excited they were.

I am now in Barigui but this will only last for one more week.  We will now be traveling assistants and we won't have a specific area.  We will be going around the whole mission to help the missionaries that are having problems.  My companions name is Elder Schmidt.  He is from Germany and is in his last transfer on the mission.  Hes awesome and really rich!!  haha!  I have to learn all this new stuff really fast because I will be the one at the head of the mission in 5 weeks.  I love my new calling.  Its hard and we dont have time to do anything but it is really cool to spend so much time with Pres. Monteiro and his family.  They are amazing people and I love them.

I love you all so much and I hope you don't get mad that I didn't write very much !  I don't have time!

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