Monday, November 12, 2012

Lincoln's Baptism

Lincoln's baptism!

First, we just got an email that we are having a hard time getting packages for the missionaries here. So, make sure to send an email with a list of the things in the packages that you will send. And DONT send them by Fedex or UPS. Thats just what president Cordon told us. And we must obey.

I cant believe that you have that much snow already. Thats nuts. I dont miss it at all haha its been so hot here. My swum is getting pretty bad. But its soooo much better than freezing in the snow.

We found out on Wednesday that Obama won. I was pretty sad but the Lord knows what he is doing and he is in charge. We just need to keep doing whats right so that one day we will be ready for Christ to come again. That day is coming soon.

Lincoln was baptized yesterday!!!! It was so good. He is the only member in his imediate family but his mom came to watch the baptism and to support him. He also has an inactive aunt and she was there too. While Elder Poe and Lincoln were changing clothes after the baptism, they were talking and Lincoln was so happy. First, you have to know that he is the shyest person that I have ever met in my life. Anyway, all of a sudden he yelled, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! We were shocked to hear that come out of his mouth. That just made my testimony grow that this gospel really is awesome and that it brings true happiness to peoples lives.

There were some pretty funny things that happened to me this week. i think I got yelled at more this week than ever before on my mission. I would just talk with people in the street and they would start threatening me and swearing at me. It was crazy. I guess people really dont like me here. I really noticed how much more patient I am now than i was a year ago. I normally would yell something back like, CALM DOWN OVER THERE OLD MAN! (Scott better remember that) but now I just ignore it and move on. Some people are just rude and make the dumbest threats and it just makes me laugh.

i also got a present this week! Sorry Nat, I still havent gotten yours. But we got one from one of our investigators. Remember the lady that wanted to adopt me? Well, she gave me cologne this week haha it smells really good but i dont think i am going to use it or I will attract all the girls in the area haha

I am glad to hear that Bolt is still alive and doing well. He stinks though. We need a new hampster that will let us hold him. like Rajon. He was the man.

Well, thats about it from Brazil. Thank you Alyssa and fam for the oreos, balloons, and card. I loved it! I got the package on Tuesday at district meeting and shared the oreos with my district. Brazillians love oreos!!!

I love you all so much.

Elder Big T

Ps. Scott youre the man. i wish I could see your play. But I will watch it on the movie in Heaven. keep working hard and being a stud. I love you man. Dont let dad kick your bum anymore. THats embarrassing. Hes old. Just pull his chest hair.


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