Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to Boa Vista!

Bom dia!                                   August 26, 2013

Wow. This last week was incredible. I really love Boa Vista. It was just a week of miracles. I was able to work the whole week with Elder Ladereche  again and that was awesome. We worked so hard and had a really good baptism last night. When I was in Boa Vista, we got a referal from the temple of a family that was really interested. We tried so many times to contact them but it never worked out. Well, my very last day there, we called the family again and I was able to talk to the mom. We marked a day to go there and then I was transferred. Well, the other missionaries worked a lot with this family they are really progressing. I was able to visit them and teach them this week. The mom and the dad need to stop smoking and they have a 15 year old son. We were teaching them about baptism this week and I just got the strongest feeling that I needed to invite (Renan)  the 15 year old to be baptized that Sunday. So i did and he said, "I was thinking about that this week and I was praying to have to courage to talk to you guys about it. I really want to be baptized on Sunday." It was one of the best lessons of my mission so far. So I interviewed him and he passed. His baptism was one of the best baptisms that I have ever seen. There were so many members and everyone cried. After he was baptized and changed clothes, he asked to bear his testimony. This kid will be an amazing missionary.

The members in Boa Vista are really excited to meet mom and dad. They keep asking about you guys and they cant wait to give you huge hugs. I had three families tell me that we have to eat lunch with them the Sunday that you guys are here so we are going to have to do some choosing haha. I made a lot of good friends in Boa Vista and they are people that I really want all of you to meet. Tadeu is the ward mission leader in Boa Vista and he is one of the best men that I know. He kept telling me that he cant wait to give "Daddy Taylor" a huge hug haha. They love you all without even knowing you!

So.....I decided that I am going to talk to Sister Monteiro about my leg. I have been really nervous about this for a long time but it has been hurting a lot and when I decided to talk to her I got a really calm feeling. So i think everything will be ok. I will probably talk to her about it next week because this week is going to be crazy. Its the last week of the transfer and my companion is going home so I need to get everything perfect so that this mission can still run smoothly haha. I will be the only one on the mission with experience as an assistant so I am a little nervous but its going to be great. I probably wont be able to send email to you next week because we will be taking the missionaries to the airport. But maybe there will be a little time. We'll see.

I am really excited for you to come down here to get me but we need to get this thing planned. I really want to go to Iguaçu Falls with you but I dont know what you are all planning and how much time you are thinking about staying down here. It will be Thanksgiving week so dad wont have to work so we will be able to stay for a long time right? ;) Dont worry. Im not trunky. I just really need to plan this with you. 

I want you all to know that I love being a missionary. Its hard and things dont ever go the way you want or plan. But they always work out if you work your hardest and trust in the Lord. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves each one of us so much. I am so grateful for the family that I have. A lady in Boa Vista spoke about Family Home Evening and all of the great times that she had. I thought about all of the great times that we had in Family Home Evening. Most of the best memories that I have werent expensive or big things. I remember playing hide and seek and duck duck goose. I love those things. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for teaching us that Family Home Evening is important and that we need to do it every week. That is something that I will never forget. I love you all so much and I know that we are blessed for being obedient.

Mission address:
Av. Iguaçu 1460
Agua Verde 80250-190
Curitiba, PR
I love you!

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