Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Four weeks in brazil

Bom Dia!! (that's good day in Portuguese)       Jan. 10, 2012

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the problems with our house.  Keep praying and asking for help.  The Lord does answer prayers.  I have personally found that out.  The BCS is a jok but I haven't even been thinking about sports.  Crazy huh!!  Brazil is still awesome and Portuguese is still hard.  But I am imporving and we got one of our "investigators" to commit to baptism this week!  It was so cool.

What a sad sad week for mail...I felt so alone and unloved...just kidding:)  I got two letters this week.  One from Dad and one that was Syds email.  They were so amazing and just pumped me up for serving.  I love your letters.  Please keep sending Syds emails through mission ties because I don't have very much time to read them on the computer.  She is amazing and her emails always make me cry.  She's so happy and positive and her compaions are going to absolutely love her.  Just like I do :)

One of the Elder is my room is really weird (haha) he walks around singing "If I was a rich man" and it just reminds me of Scott and his lay.  I thought you might enjoy that:)

After dinner one night we were sitting around as a district and we decided what calling everyone was going to have in the future.  I'm guessing you already know what they gave me.  Yep, Bishop.  I guess I'm more like Dad than I think I am.  Which is perfectly fine with me because if I can be half the man he is then I will still be one amazing men.  I love you dad.  Seriously.  I have the most amazing dad in the world.

We had fast and testimony meeting this Sunday because last Sunday was New Years and it was incredible.  The spirit was so strong.  Most of the missionaries bore their testimonies on famlies and it just makes me realize how lucky I am to have you guys.  I am so blessed to be able to spend forever with all of you.  I love you so much.

We went to the temple today and while I was in the celestial room I said aprayer and asked for you all to feel of my love.  I had the warmest feeling in my heart.  Its the warmest i've ever felt.  I know that you know that I love you all and that Heavenly Father is watching over me and He answers prayers.  I love Him so much.

Scotty I got you r Pookemon card and I love it.  you're the best!

I was reading in D&C this week and I read D&C 58:26-29.  It instantly made me think of Dad.  Read it and you will know what I mean.  I used to get annoyed when he would say this (haha) but we are so lucky to have a father who loves, reads and lives by the scriptures.  Dad you are amazing.  Thank you for everything.  you are my hero.  I love you.

I love you all so much.  Love, Elder Taylor

PS  Hailey you are going to love this.  The toilets do spin the opposite way down here!!

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