Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bom Dia!

Bom Dia!!                       January 17, 2012
I hope you all are having as amazing a time as i am having! i love being here in Brazil and i cant believe im over half-way done with the CTM! It has been so hard but also so fun and i have felt the spirit more in this one month than i have my whole life.

First i just want to thank those whos mail i received this week so thank you Nat, Gibbs family, Mom (3), and Abbey. you all are the best. i love getting mail. it really helps brighten your day. Especially after a hard day of just class all day. i love you all. Mom i love those pictures from Christmas. They are so cute. Abs thank you so much for the autograph. i love it and it is hanging in my room :)

Our Brazillian roomates left for the field today! i cant believe its already been three weeks since they moved in. They will be great missionaries and i will miss them. Their names are Elder Santana and Elder Barbosa-Silva

We got our new CTM president on Sunday! his name is President Degn and he is from Logan Utah. He seems really nice and his wife is very funny. They will be great.

I have a couple scriptures that i want to share with you all. First is Alma 34:29. Please read this and think of Kid History. i marked and underlined one special word in this verse and i hope you all get my joke :) Second is D&C 89:9. Now i know why grandma said to use chewing tobacco on my separated shoulder. You go grandma J. You rock.

I had a couple great experiences this week. We did an English Fast on Wednesday so we couldnt speak english or we had to do 5 push-ups for every word. it was brutal. But it actually helped a lot. We are now going to do 2 of them each week. The second experience was last Tuesday night. One of the Elders in my district is having really bad back pains and he asked if we could give him a blessing. He asked me to annoint the oil and another elder to bless. The spirit was so strong. It was incredible. The priesthood really is Gods power on earth and i feel so blessed to be trusted with it. I will strive to keep myself worthy so that i will always be ready when things like this come up.

I was chosen to sing in an accapella quartet tonight! We are singing Come Thou Fount in front of the whoe CTM and i have a solo at the very beginning. im way nervous but i am also way excited because i love this song. Hopefully it will be good :)

We watched a video of different clips from Elder Eyring speaking and Mom i would love it if you could send me one talk of his per week through mission ties. if you cant thats ok i just really love what he says and i know that he is your favorite. His words are so powerful and inspiring.

Also....could you send me the lyrics to Justin Beiber Never Say Never? The brazillians love that song and they really want me to sing it haha

Scotty im so glad you are excited to go on the CHT. It is so fun and the places you will go are incredible. I was looking at the pictures in the back of the Book of Mormon and i realized that ive been to every one of them! some of them more than once. You will have such a great time. I hope you are having fun. The musical review was probably awesome and im sure you rocked your solo. I love you bud. Youre a stud-muffin.

Tell annie that her angel picture is just about the cutest thing ive ever seen and that i love her so much. Dont let her forget about her best friend in Brazil.

Im so glad that i surrounded myself with great friends who are going on missions. They will be great. Tell them that i love them all.

I have only gotten one of Syds emails through mission ties but i will go to the cookie place today to see if they are holding onto them for me. Thank you so much for sending them. Her emails are so great to read. Tell her i love her so much.

Well i better go. i love you all so much and i know that this church is true. The Book of Mormon is incredible and Joseph Smith is one of my absolute favorite people ever.

Elder Taylor
 Ps tell lincoln happy birthday today!!!!!!!! I sent him a letter last week so hopefully he gets it soon :)

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