Monday, March 12, 2012

News of Curitiba

Bom dia!               March 12, 2012

Scotty! Im sorry man. That really stinks. Make sure to do everything that the doctor says. I was terrible with that and it took longer for everything to heal up. Good luck with baseball though! I want to hear all about every game! I will definately keep you and your ankle in my prayers. Ankle injuries are the worst. Im sure youre enjoying using crutches in school though ;)

This week was really up and down. I think i told you about Oswaldo and Marina. They are an older couple and they had accepted to be baptized on the 18th. Well we went by there on Friday night and they said that they arent ready to be baptized. It broke my heart. Serioulsy. I almost cried right then and there. It was so sad. So we told them to have faith and keep praying about it. Well, we saw them in church yesterday and they said that they had prayed a lot about it and they will be baptized on the 18th!! I am so happy for them. They are the kindest people in the world and this sunday is going to be amazing. This area is one of the tougher ones in the mission so they are really our only investigators that are really close to being baptized but we are doing our best to help the others.

One thing that i want to say is thank you for reading scriptures and praying as a family. We have a few less active families here in our ward and the thing that is the same with all of them is that they dont read and pray as a family. I testify that reading and praying as a family is the number one thing that keeps a family together and active in the church. Mom and Dad, thank you. You really are the greatest parents in the world. I love you so much. Everything that we are teaching these people are the same things that i learned at home with you.

Elder Clift was feeling really tired and exaughsted this last week and would sleep the whole time during study time. So he asked for a blessing and i gave in one with another elder. He is doing a lot better now. The priesthood is real. Scott, honor your priesthood. We have the power of God with us. Que bênção! What a blessing!

Mom, you should be very proud of me. I think i have eaten more fruits, vegies, and STROGANOUFF here than in my whole life. We have stroganouff almost every day with the members. I know that i was sent here for a reason haha i love the fruits here. They are so delicious but they are expencive. We have a mission credit card and they put  140 reais on it every two weeks. so its 190 dollars per month. I was kind of upset about that at first because we pay 400 dollars but this is the Lords work and i will pay anything to be out here serving Him. We normally eat a tiny breakfast, a huge lunch, and a tiny dinner. Its taken me a while but i am finally getting used to it.

I have one little bit of advice. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. I look forward every day to the hour that i get to just study the scriptures on my own. I love the Book of Mormon. It truely is the greatest book ever written. I love the feeling i get when i read it. I was terrible with reading my scrptures before i left. I will never go back to that. I missed out on so many good feelings and blessings. 

Abbey, Hailey, and Annie, I love you. I have the best little sisters in the world. Dont ever forget that we have the most amazing parents in the world. Really. We have been so blessed.

The picture that i sent you is great. The sign says, Mr. Dog, teach your owner to pick up your poop. Its probably more funny in portuguese. I enjoyed it haha

Well, I love you all and i hope you have a great week. Keep me posted on baseball and the cougars! This church is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior. He suffered for us so that we can repent and live with Him and Heavenly Father after this life. That is such an amazing blessing.

I love you!

Elder Taylor

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