Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trevor's first letter and email!

Yay!  We finally got an email - after checking every day - about 10 times! 

Bom dia!                                                                                                           Tuesday, Dec, 20, 2011

Brazil is amazing. The weather and the food is great. The flights went well and we got to the CTM at about 11. My companion is Elder De La Cruz. He is from Seattle. 

The language is very hard. Im sure its not as hard as Danish but I am still struggling. Im working my butt off though. I know it will come so Im focusing mostly on becoming a better teacher. Its going well. We are teaching our teachers and our lessons are mostly me talking and my compainion just sitting. But i think its helping me a lot. Ive learned how to start lessons really well.

Hailey Im sorry to say that I still dont know which way the toilets flush. The toilets here just go right down the hole haha. But i will find out soon enough :)

Elder Cottrel has been here for 7 weeks so he has been showing me around and playing basketball with me. I usually get picked first when we pick teams because I stroke the threes. I think its the first time in my life that has happened haha. FAZER CHUVA! That means MAKE IT RAIN! Scott will understand :)

The first few nights were very hard for me. I was way homesick and I just layed in my bed and cried. But I just kept thinking about President Hinkleys story about his mission and his dad telling him to forget himself and go to work. I just pictured dad saying that to me and it got me through it.

Well i better go so that I can email Syd. We only have 30 minutes. I love you all so much and I hope you know that the church is true. I am sorry that this email is so short. I will send a longer one next week i promise. This is the greatest thing that I could be doing right now and Im so happy to be here. I love you!

I love you all so much. My P-day is tuesday. Bye!

Elder Taylor



  1. I'm so glad you are posting these letters! I hate to think of Trev being sad- but am so thankful that he's strong enough to remember whay he's doing is one of the best things he can do!!

  2. Yes, picturing trev on a bed crying is very sad to me, but I love his attitude! We are keeping you in our prayers, Trev! You are in the right place where you can be the best you! We love you! The Merritts